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Softplan + Training Videos

I just installed 2014 and updated it and am now at the opening screen.


Near the bottom right side there is an area that says Softplan + Training Video Library

with what appears to be links to the Training Videos.   I assume these are supposed to

be hotlinks to those videos but when I click on them they are non-responsive ?


Are these supposed to be hot links ?


Also where does one find the additional symbols and textures that are a part of the

Plus subscription ?


Is there any documentation for using the various aspects of Plus ?

Bill Wimberley
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SoftPlan+ Training Videos

To access the videos click on the little house with the plus next to it. If you click on the name of the library nothing will happen. A listing of the videos should appear and then you just click on the name of the video.

The additional symbols will be mixed in with the rest of your symbols. For instance click on the Bathroom symbols library. Within that library are 2 sub-libraries. Grab Bars and SoftPlan+. The additional + symbols will be in the SoftPlan+ library. You can find more under Furniture and various other places.

I haven't seen any documentation yet but it is pretty straightforward. For instance to create a support ticket you go to the Help tab and select SoftPlan+ Support. A window will open and you can create a description of whatever you are having difficulty with. Your current project will be saved and will automatically be uploaded as part of the support ticket so that the techs can see your project just as it was when you created the ticket.

Now that you have SoftPlan+ installed I will go ahead and add you to the group of people experimenting with the file sharing.

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Softplan + Training Videos

Thanks Bill, I guess I must have been clicking on teh + sign and the writing but not the little house symbol.  Anyway now it works great.


I'll look for the extra symbols in the libraries, easy enough once you know they are there !


I added my Key in the appropriate location.



John Vanderwoerd
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Additional Symbols are under

Additional Symbols are under manufacturers symbols.