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Softplan "Master" File
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Is there any way of having a type of "root" file for Softplan drawings? I work for a builder that has various types of plans (miscellaneous, electrical, home systems, etc) and when 1 thing changes, I have to go to each drawing and change the affected area. I was wondering if there was a master file for the floor plan if I could just update that and subsequently affect the 10 plans that go with it? 

Bill Wimberley
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If I understand what you are saying then I do something similar to that. For one builder I have a "Typicals" page that is included in each set. This page references various IRC codes and contains detail drawings for items such as nail spacing, etc. Additionally, the codes change depending on the area the home is to be built in. For most plans the specs are for 120 MPH wind speed loads. For other areas the specs need to be for 130 MPH wind speed loads.

What I have done is create a Typicals page that contains both sets of specifications. Each set is assigned a Building Option. So I have one BO for 120 MPH and another for 130 MPH. The builder can simply change the BO to reflect the requirements for where the house is to be built and all the notes change. Additionally if at any time the codes change I can update this one drawing and it updates for all projects.

The way I make this work is to treat the Typicals drawing much the same as a Title Block. I actually keep the file in the C:\SoftPlan\Title Block folder.

In the Plan Sets for each project there is a page named Typicals. I have inserted the Typicals drawing into each of these plan set pages. So all the Typicals pages are actually referencing this same file. If I make any changes to the file then the changes are automatically reflected in all projects.

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