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Dennis Asher
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Softplan Cloud
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2014 Plus

Hi Bill.  I have noticed that when I close a project softplan writes to the cloud.  Sometimes the indicator for the cloud turns green and sometimes it is yellow.  I am assuming that the yellow indicator is not good.  Any info on how this all works?  Thanks!

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I noticed the same thing.  I

I noticed the same thing.  I think it means the local copy is more up to date than the cloud version.  I'm not sure why it doesn't automatically update the cloud version though.

- Cory

Bill Wimberley
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Green and Yellow

Yes, green means that the cloud version and the local version are the same. Yellow means that the cloud version is outdated. Sometimes it automatically saves to the cloud when you close a project and sometimes it doesn't. Not quite sure why. Perhaps you have to make a certain number of changes before the automatic update will happen? I don't know. It sometimes seems a little random whether or not the upload to the cloud happens.

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