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SoftList Report Configuration
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2018 Plus

Good Afternoon!


I had to uninstall SoftPlan on my computer and re-download it. Fortunately, I had recently done a system backup. I went to restore my system options and everything seemed to transfer over. The only exception is SoftList Report Configurations (the ones that come with SoftPlan and the ones that have been created). They are all gone.  I attached a photo of what my report configuration looks like.


Is there a way to get them back? I went to restore just Softlist and when I clicked on that I got a pop up message that said this folder already exists, do you want to rewrite it?  I got nervous to do that.  Do I need to restore SoftList as well as Configurations? 


Also, any guesses as to why that didn't restore with everything else?


Thanks for the help!

Bill Wimberley
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I'm still trying to get my head around how SoftList works now. It appears that there are the files that are like what was done in previous versions. But there is also system and drawing specific SoftList configurations. It appears that when you start a new project it pulls in the current SoftList Configurations. But from that point forward any changes are project specific. I haven't figured out all the ins and outs of what is going on yet. I just started looking at it this past weekend. I would ask Tech Support about the correct procedure. It is still a bit confusing to me at this point.

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Ok, thanks! I'll reach out to

Ok, thanks! I'll reach out to tech support.

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I actually just restored

I actually just restored SoftList from a system back up did back in June. (I was nervous to do that, but just clicked on SoftList to restore) I knew I could to a system restore from what I saved yesterday if something screwed up. What I don't understand is why my latest system backup didn't save any of my softlist configurations and basically deleted them when I did a full system restore. 


I am currently in the weeds trying to figure out SoftList! It's complicated but I think it will be super useful for material take offs/ordering materials.