Small roof to break up wall

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Small roof to break up wall
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2014 Plus

Hey all thanks for the help so far but I've got another for ya. I've played around with small beams around from the left side of the garage return, along the front to a point about 3ft back on the right side. I am trying to get a similar roof effect around the garage as appears between my dormer window on the left and the window below it on the main floor. I,m trying to break the wall up. Any help would be appreciated.

Bill Wimberley
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Small Roof

Hey Jason. I'm having a little trouble with the translation from Canadian into American but perhaps you could try using either a False Gable or False Dormer. You will find them on the Draw tab in Roof Mode. If you were talking about something else maybe try drawing a sketch of what you are trying to do.

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False Overhang

Jason are you meaning a False Overhang similar to the one in this picture ?



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False Overhang above garage doors
Jim that is exactly what I mean!! How do you create that. It is Can you see me jumping in my's picture
False Gable

Jason, in general here's is what I did;

Because the roof is going to be just above the first floor walls, I placed the roof by going into Roof Mode while in the first floor.   Typically you would go into Roof Mode while in the 2nd floor level and click on multi floor roof, but because this false overhang really has no connection to any other roof it just seemed easier to add it at the first floor to keep things less confusing.   So here is what I did.

1) While in your first floor plan view add beams across the front of the house and down the sides where you want the roof to be.   Adjust the elevation of the beams to the height of the overhang.  Doesn't matter what beam you use all you are dong is giving the roof something to reference to.  In my case I made all the beams sit 12"out from the wall.

2) Switch into Roof Mode, select Trace Roof and trace around the outside of the beams and against the house walls where the roof will be.

3) The above step will give you a roof.  Then set the edges of the roof that touch the house walls to Intersect and check Give Vertical Incline ( might have the exact wording incorrect here ).

4) Now grab those same edges and adjust them back so they just touch the walls of the house.

5) Edit the overall roof to ensure your pitch and heel height are what you want.

6) If you wish to edit the overhang choose the lollipops that are attached to the beams and edit each one of those as required.

7) Once you have your roof where you want it and at teh proper height you want it, you can go back to the beams and place them on

different Building Option.  This will ensure they don;t show when you create a 3D.

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Thanks Jim I'll give it a try. Much appreciated

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Tried it :(

Ok I've played around with this...I believe I've followed your instruction her but in 3D mode it is not showing me the roof. What am I doing wrong?

Justin Keisler
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It appears based on your

It appears based on your attached floor plan that the grips for this roof are not referencing the beams you have drawn.  The ones that are just empty circles mean they are not referencing anything, pull them back so that they reference the beams and your roof should show up in 3D.  You can then adjust the overhang ect to get the desired look but do not move the reference points off of the beam.


I hope that helps

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Thanks so much...all good!!

Thanks so much...all good!!

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I can't seem to find a detail

I can't seem to find a detail in SP for a False Overhang, as we called it here in this thread. Does anyone know if there is one, or maybe have one in their library that they would like to share. I have experimented yet with making them...

Much appreciated

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Skirt Roof

We have commonly called this a "skirt roof" in my area. When asking SoftPlan Support years ago about how to add a "skirt roof" they had no idea what I was talking about. There is also no simple way to add this.

The best way I have found to accomplish this is to use a plate in the wall menu. Then set your TOP to Facia value to 1.5", and your soffit now covers the plate in 3D. This way you don't have to put it on another building option to stop it from printing showing up. And if you don't want it to print on the 2D layout, just set it to hidden.

None of this addresses the fact that if in 3D, when viewing the underside of the soffit, you will have a gap. You have to add a ceiling at the same height and texture as the soffit to make this look right.

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Thanks for that but I have

Thanks for that but I have successfully created what I asked originally in this thread but I'm looking for a construction detail/cross section of it. In the notes to add to plan set for how it is constructed.