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When drawing exterior slabs in the floor systems mode, should the slabs show on the plan in the drawing mode. I have a T shaped exterior porch inset into the house with a covered roof. The only way I can seem to draw the slab is with shapes/line. Is there a better way??


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Sadly I don't know if their

Sadly I don't know if their is a better way. I have a layer setup as 'porch line'. I draw slab porches with a line and show it in most if not all modes. I wish their was a better way to draw porches. It would help in many situations like calculating areas, etc.

- Cory

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Bill Wimberley
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You CAN make slabs visible in Drawing Mode by going to Options--> Visible Items and turning on "Floor Slab" within the Floor System. But doing so will also show the footers. If I need to show the locations of slabs in Drawing Mode, such as a porch slab, I just draw it in with lines. You can temporarily make the the slab visible and then trace over it with shapes then turn visibility off again if you like.

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Couldn,t you just use a Solid Cube sized accordingly and visibility set as required ?



John Vanderwoerd
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Yes you can Jim, but then it

Yes you can Jim, but then it can mess up dimensions at the wall.

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I sometimes make a wall and

I sometimes make a wall and set it up with only a visible outside line showing in plan view.