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Site Work.....
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Hi Folks.....

I've never been especially facile is SP's site mode. I haven't used it much but I suspect it is easier than I'm making it.

My question is:  Are there any 3D viewing modes to make the contours of the land more easily seen in SoftView ?

I've tried all different modes and a number of settings for still washes out to the point of not being able to read the topography. 

In other words I can only see grade changes in relation structures on the site.


On a related note.....does anyone know of paid online tutors for SP. I know SP offers some training in various configurations, but I really 

don't want to be locked down to a particular curriculum.


Thanks for any thoughts.....

Best remaining weekend to you.............


Bill Wimberley
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Site Lines in 3D

I find that these line settings work pretty well. The site will be triangulated but I don't know any way to avoid that.

Line Options: Display Lines-on, Display Silhouette-off, Use Single Color for Lines-on.

You might also want to keep the Anti Alias low, down around 2 or 3. Higher than that and the lines start to fade out.


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Site work....


Thanks Bill.....great idea. Eager to try it tomorrow.

Thank you again for the great site and all the suggestions.