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Bill Wimberley
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Site Update

In an ongoing effort to assure that the SoftPlanTuts website is as secure as possible I have enabled SSL for the site. What does that mean? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and it encrypts information between you and the site such as cookie information. By encrypting this information SSL prevents someone else from for example intercepting your cookie information and then spoofing your id and logging on as you. There's not a lot they could do if they were to spoof a normal user other than messing with their settings or impersonating them because normal users don't have permissions to configure the site. But if they were to spoof me they could completely take over the site and do anything they wanted including completely trashing it.

The only thing you should notice different from your end is that the web address now starts with https instead of the normal http.

Everything appears to be working correctly after the transition with one exception. The site search is broken. I spent a couple hours this evening trying to fix it but so far it is still broken. In the mean time if you need to find something about a particular topic you can search google outside the site or select a keyword from the categories on the tutorials and articles pages.

To search using Google go to the Google search page and type in your word you are searching for and then append to the end. So for example if you wanted to search for elevation openings you would use "elevation openings" without the parentheses.

Hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to get the site search fixed.

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Mike Landry
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Thanks for all your hard work

Thanks for all your hard work Bill.

Bill Wimberley
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You're very welcome Mike laugh's picture

Agreed, thanks for all your efforts Bill much appreciated.



Bill Wimberley
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Search Update

Just a quick update on the Search issue. Over the weekend I figured out how to get Google Search working again. Unfortunately the interface module I was previously using is outdated and uses an old depreciated Google iframe interface that does not work with SSL. So I will have to create a direct link to the updated Google CSE. Since Google's CSS structure conflicts with the CSS structure on SoftPlanTuts it will require writing quite a bit of CSS code to make it display properly.

In English without all the technical gobbledygook... I can make Google Search work again but it will take some time.

In the mean time I have enabled the built-in search that is provided by the Drupal Content Management System I am using for the site. While it is not nearly as robust as Google Search it should suffice while I get Google Search working again.

You can still use Google Search now if you wish by going to Google and using this format:

search word or words followed by