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Site Plan Question
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2014 Plus

I often have a digital photo of an existing Site Plan that has to be updated to show a new addition or deck.


The normal process I use is to import the photo of the site, trace over it and scale it up to size.  So now I have

a to scale drawing with the original Site Plan on it.


Separately, once I've completed my Main Floor plan drawing with new addition or deck, I switch into Site Mode

and Generate a building outline.  So now I have separate drawing with the Bldg outline for use in a new Site Plan.   


My question is: do most people just merge these two drawings together to make a single the new Site Plan that

includes the property lines and building or am I complicating the process ?



Bill Wimberley
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Reference point

If you will place a reference point on a corner of the building outline and one at the location on the site plan where you want that corner to be then when you merge the building outline into the site drawing it will already be located properly. Of course if the site and building outlines are not rotated the same you should either use Direction of North to rotate the site or use Rotate Block to rotate the building outline so that they all match up prior to merging the two drawings.

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Site Plan

Ahh, didn't think about using a reference point when merging. Thanks Bill.



Bill M
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This is great information

This is great information about using the reference point.  I would have not thought to do that.  Glad you asked the question Jim.  I must admit that the site plan part of SP 2014 is much friendlier than in my old V13.   

Hope you don't mind me piggy backing here.  What is the best way to get the Direction of North to line up such that the site plan can be straight on the page? Example to how many of mine are though I did recently add one to the floor plan page.  I rarely have room to do that though.


Bill Wimberley
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Direction of North

This tutorial should explain how to rotate your site plans without messing everything up. Direction of North