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Site Mode Cuts Ground
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2016 Plus

Is there a way to exclude a portion of a building from cutting ground in Site Mode and have it show correctly in a 3D Rendering.

If you look at the attached pic the main portion of the house has a full foundation wall and as such I want it to cut ground.  But 

the Sreened Room is built on piers and beams and as such I do not want that to cut the gorund.   However when I created the

Bldg Outline it shows the Screened Room as part of the main house, so when I try to edit the Screened Room by itself I can't

as Softplan just sees it as part of the whole house and would want to  uncheck Cuts Ground for the whole house but that's not

what I want.   Is there some way around this ?


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Building Outline

Instead of generating your building outline with the "Generate Building Outline", use the "Building Outline" which allows you to sketch the building outline. This way, you can exclude your screened room.'s picture
Bldg Outline

Yvon, thanks I'll give that a whirl.