Siding issues in Wall Definition

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Siding issues in Wall Definition
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Hello all,

I’m creating a wall definition and I'm having troubles displaying my siding. As you will see from the image below it seems the wall is coming through the siding and as such the siding is not coming through clearly. I've set the wall to 'fixed' thinking this may fix but with no luck.

The reason for creating this wall def. is that I'm having problems with intersecting walls and siding that is provided by the roof.

Any ideas on where I’m going wrong? My settings also included below.

Softplan2014 - AUS.

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Yes, both materials are

Yes, both materials are starting at 0" (on the horizontal start)

You need to give each material it's proper thickness and offset from left to right

Look at some of the standard wall definitions for examples.

Bill Wimberley
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Wall Definition

Your wall definition creates a 200 wide block material 2 800 high. Stacked directly on top of that is a 200 wide siding material 1 000 tall. This produces a wall 3 800 tall. The outside of the siding is flush with the outside of the block. And both materials are set to "fixed"

First of all let's discuss what "fixed" means. If a material is defined as 2 800 high and set to fixed then it will always be 2 800 no matter what the total height of the wall. Let's take a stud framed wall as an example. In a stud wall you want the upper and lower plates to be fixed since you don't want the plates getting taller or shorter depending on the wall height. But the studs need to be taller or shorter with different wall heights so the studs would not be fixed. Fixed locks the height of the material to the size you specified and it will always be that high no matter what.

That being said I suspect that your wall is shorter than 3 800. Anything shorter than 3 800 with this wall definition would cause the siding and the block to exist in the same space and thus you see them both. The wall you defined can have only one appropriate height and that is 3 800. Anything less and the materials merge into each other. Anything more and there will be a gap between the materials.

All that being said, can you show an image or provide a drawing illustrating exactly the situation you are trying to fix by creating this new wall definition? You said you are having problems with a roof so a new wall definition might not even be the approach you should be taking.

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