Siding Direction On 3D

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Siding Direction On 3D

When generating a 3D render some short walls show siding generating as vertical rather than horizontal like the rest of the walls.  How do I fix this ?


Bill W:  whenever I try to upload a pic to go with a posting it kicks me from the Upload Image area to a new blank page and almost seems as if it has

tried to log onto but the screen stays blank ?  I have no post left, no image upload and am not actually logged onto your site ?  Any thoughts or suggestions ?

Bill Wimberley
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Siding Direction On 3D

To keep the siding from switching to vertical edit the texture and either change the Texture Map Type to box or uncheck Auto Orient.

When trying to upload images are you using the Upload Image box which would be located by scrolling down below the text box? If so, are you selecting the Preview or the Save option to finish your post?


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Upload Image

Bill, I am using the Upload Image box.  I browse to the image ( jpeg )  which was on my desktop

and then I click upload ( tried two different pics ).   Each time I start to see the bar that shows how

much of the upload is completed but it just gets started then kicks me to a blank screen.  In the

address box at the top of my screen it looks as if it's trying to connect to then

stops as if it's connected although nothing happens I still have a blank screen.  No message post,

no picture upload and no SoftplanTuts.conm site ?  I can post the message by itself fine but as soon

as I try to attach an image it all goes away ?   I'm stumped.


With respect to the siding I will have a look at the material settings again, thanks !



Bill Wimberley
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Upload Image

That is really bizarro Jim. I upload images all the time and have never seen or even heard of anything like that happening.

A few questions:

  • What browser are you using?
  • Do you have a different browser installed that you can try and see if the image upload works?
  • Do you have a pop-up blocker installed? If so see if you can disable it for
  • Do you have java enabled on your computer?
  • If so, do you have the latest version of java installed?
  • Do you have javascript enabled for your browser?
  • Do you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed?
  • Do you use Windows firewall or a different one?
  • Do you have more than one virus program installed and running at the same time?
  • Do you have access to another computer that you can use to see if the upload works for you on it?
  • Have you pissed off a voodoo witchdoctor?
Bill Wimberley
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Upload Image

Jim, I did some testing in various browsers. I did come up with one possibility. When replying to a post using Internet Explorer I got a message saying "The comment you are replying to does not exist". This message would come up after uploading an image. I also noticed that there was a banner ad at the bottom of the Forum when reading or creating forum posts. This should not have been there because I don't have any banner ads on this site.

So I dug into the HTML that was generated for the page and found a reference to That should have not been there at all. So I looked at the apps installed on my Internet Explorer and found a "browser helper", aka adware, called Complicity. I disabled Complicity in Internet Explorer then in Control Panel-->Programs and Features I uninstalled Complicity.

After that the banner ads went away and I no longer got the message saying that the comment I was replying to does not exist.

The reason I bring this all up is because from what you describe as happening when you upload an image I suspect you have something similar going on with your browser. The behavior you are describing should not be happening unless there is something causing it on your computer. Try uploading an image using a different browser or a different computer and let me know if you are still having the same problem.

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Upload Image

Bill, I use IE 10 as a browser.   I will install Chrome and give it a try tonight !



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Siding Direction

Bill, I unchecked the Auto Orient box in the Material Menu and that fixed the Siding Direction issue.  Thanks very much !