Should I sell my second key?

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david ayers
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Should I sell my second key?

    I have two keys, both V14 with SoftTalk. Both with reView (I think). Am thinking of selling one. Pondering how to value. Certainly wouldn't take less than a thousand, which would save the buyer just about that amount assuming new buyer may have to pay Softplan a $100 license transfer fee and perhaps $35 or whatever for a disc set, depending, and assuming new buyer would pay sales tax of zero on direct purchase from softplan, which isn't likely. Maybe $1300 / 1400 makes more sense. Any thoughts or info on subject more than welcome. Thank you.

David Ayers

Bill Wimberley
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Selling used software

I wouldn't even know where to begin on setting a price for a V14 license. I guess it just depends on who out there is looking for a good deal.

Here are a couple of articles that might be helpful.

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License Transfer Fee

Whenever I purchased a second hand copy of Version 13 ( about 6 years ago ) Softplan at that was charging a $250 license transfer fee.

You would want to check with Softplan Sales first to be sure, so you could properly inform prospective buyers on the cost of a license transfer.



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I took a look on ebay.  The

I took a look on ebay.  The last copy of Softplan 14 sold on September 14 for $895.  In August someone sold a copy of Softplan 2012 for $1,425.   


If you want to look it up... got to and search for softplan.  You will get 0 listings, but you can click on 'completed listings' on the left hand side.

- Cory

david ayers
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Wow. Excellent responses.

Wow. Excellent responses. Thank you so much! David A.

david ayers
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    Found out from SP today

    Found out from SP today that multiple key owners key can't sell just one key. They all have to be sold together. Not reasonable. I would say that in an industry with ups and downs, that's a policy that doesn't encourage much the purchasing of  extra keys.

Bill Wimberley
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Extra key

David, were you asking them if you could sell your extra key to just anyone or to someone who already owns SoftPlan. I can definitely see why they wouldn't allow the sale of an extra key to someone who did not already own SoftPlan.

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That is correct. You didn't

That is correct. You didn't buy a second seat of softplan at full price, you purchased a second key for convenience and/ or an employee at a very reduced price. When selling your seat of softplan all keys are owned under the one license. There is a transfer fee as well, I believe, and you send your keys to softplan and they facilitate the exchange with the buyer. The caveat here is that whomever buys your license HAS to upgrade to the newest version. The cost to update a v14 license to v2014 is $1200 plus the cost of the second key if they want it. This is why so few people actually sell their softplan licenses as there is no "inexpensive" way of getting the program. Softplan has set this up this way intentionally.

Dan Turner
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What is the price of a 2nd

What is the price of a 2nd key?  I just need one for the convenience of having 14 on my workstation and laptop without having that unfortunate situation of a site visit having FORGOT to grap the key out of the desktop.