Shed Roof Added to a Pitched Roof

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Shed Roof Added to a Pitched Roof

Hi Folks,

Hope some light can be shed on this subject.

Homeowner has added a second story addition on the front  of an existing gable ended pitched roof.

A new shed roof of approximately 2 1/2" in 12" is blended into the ridge and approx. 3 or 4 ft. of the original pitched roof (10/12 +)- remains on either end of the house.


Need some help as to how to create this with SoftPlan.

The main structure has already been roughed out:

All help appreciated!

Bill Wimberley
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Shed Roof

Brien, see the attached files for an example of how to do the shed roof. If you don't understand something please feel free to ask questions.


Binary Data Shed Roof Lower.spd34.68 KB
Binary Data Shed Roof Upper.spd37.27 KB

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