Section Mode: Symbols not appearing?

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Section Mode: Symbols not appearing?


I’ve been working on a kitchen design, using a rendered section of the kitchen to get a visual of the changes.

The problem I am having is when using certain symbols particularly any of the 'cook top” symbols they do not show on this section (render) image? However when viewing this image in 3d it displays ok??

How can I get this image to appear when using the section mode?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Softplan2014 - AUS.

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cross section extraction

Amigo,  I'm thinking you need to go to Drawing Library and open up the "symbols" then select "kitchen"  then  open "appliances" and select the "cooktop",  .  Select edit symbol,     look at "extract In"    the section should be checked in order to have it show in section.           This would be the problem assuming section is not checked.         Also remember to hit regenerate to bring the cooktop/frig/or whatever symbol back into the screen


If you want this to work in all new drawings then open System library and do same thing, for future drawings.