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Kimberly Rippentrop
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Scaling Down
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How do I scale down a titleblock that was drawn to fit the full scale house?

In AutoCAD I could window-scale with reference points from the ttlblk to a box drawn at the size that I this case, 11x17. Is there a way to do that with SP? I'm trying to get my client to start using Plan Sets and trying to modify their drawings to show what it can be like when using SP properly. I'd prefer not to have to redraw their ttlblk.

Bill Wimberley
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Adjust Size

You might try using Adjust Size and see if that gets you what you need. You will find it on the Edit tab. Adjust Size has no affect on font sizes that are set to Default or to a specific size definition such as "small". If you need the sizes of your fonts to scale you will need to set their size to Custom prior to using Adjust Size.

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Title Block

You could draw a box around your title page which represents your paper size. Then you could either use the Edit>Adjust Size function to resize or create a symbol of the entire page and adjust it after. Depends if the proportions are the same in both directions. Text size will probably need to be adjusted based on the new size.