Scaling Off

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Scaling Off
SoftPlan Version:
2014 Plus

I just had a revision to do on a Plan I'd done last year using Plan-Sets.


I plotted one Arch C size copy and to test out my new mutli-scale aluminum rule I just

got I scaled the drawings and lo and behold the scale on the drawing is off a little i.e

a dimension on the plans of 16'-5" scales at 16'-1" and so on.  I double checked by

using a second scale ruler.


I have the drawing brought into Plan-Sets at 1/4" scale, so things should scale correctly ?


Any idea why it wouldn't ?



Bill Wimberley
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Fit Page to Paper?

Perhaps you had "Fit Page to Paper" checked when you printed? That will throw the scale off.

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Thanks Bill, I will try plotting again and ensure that is not checked and see what happens ?