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SP 2014 Issues
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I want to start off with saying that I only use this program a couple of times per year so I go several months in between opening it up. I have always had a few issues with the program but I am becoming extremely frustrated. Some could be used error, but some are either software or computer errors. I opened this up yesterday and downloaded a patch. This patch took like 2 hours to download. When it went to install it required me to shut the program down. I did this and it kept saying that it was open, so I rebooted the computer. I have no clue if the patch installed or not. 


1. It takes a very long time, and usually 3or 4 times of opening up soft plan to get the program started(on initial start up after reboot or turning computer on). This has always been an issue.

2. Dimensions and notes are displayed garbled up when I zoom in. This just started happening a couple days ago. When I edit text, I don't know what I am changing because the edit box displays all boxes instead of letters. I have tried to change all don't styles from Marlett to Times New Roman and it still comes in as Marlett. I've never even heard of this text style until this happened.


3. Auto dimension won't dimension my window and door center lines. It only dimensions the overall exterior wall dimension. I can't figure out how to manually add these dimensions. I can do it if I draw a line from the CL of each opening then dimension through each of these, but this is counterproductive. 

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciative. The computer that this is running on is an HP laptop with windows 8 (which is a joke too), but it is very rarely connected to the Internet and is only used for softplan and for quick books. 

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2014 issues

You should start by checking if the last update is identified on your Softplan. On the top of your screen in Softplan, click "Help" then "About Softplan 2014". It should identify version 2014.3.4 if you have the latest or not. Now, that doesn't guarantee that it's installed correctly. I don't have Windows 8 so can't comment but maybe Softplan wasn't completely installed properly from the start. You may want to contact support.


For the auto dimensions, go into your System Options and click on "Dimension/Extension Options", then "Dimension Options" and you will have the boxes near the bottom for "Include Interior Walls" and "Include Openings". Check the ones you want. For drawing you already started, you'll have to do the same in Drawing Options.