Room Mode showing paint color

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Room Mode showing paint color
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2018 Plus

I want to present a floor plan view in room mode with the colors chosen for each room, the final outcome would be a whole house paint color plan.  I'd like to be able to change the "fill" in each room to reflect what the walls in that room will actually be painted.   The only way I see to change the fill color is to use the color chart.  I would like to able to use the BM or SW color swatches.  Is this possible?

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If you know the values of the

If you know the values of the color swatch, I think you would be able to reproduce it using the edit button on the color chart.  Or you can use an image as the fill in a room so if you made a jpeg or png image of the color that might work also.  I have not tested either way.

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Sherwin-Williams RGB Values

Here is a link to Sherwin-Williams RGB values.


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Room Mode Showing Paint Colors

Here is one that I did. I downloaded the paint color jpg and used that image for each room.