Roof issues fixed?

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Bill M
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Roof issues fixed?
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Bill I know you had issues with the roof creation in v2018.  Have those issues been resolved?  I was going to upgrade to 2016 but it appears I'm too late.  My use is very limited anymore so I need to decide if it's worth upgrading or not.  Thanks for any input.

Not sure if it's just me but I'm getting a not secure message when I click the bookmark to this site.


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I am getting the same message

I am getting the same message. It appears that the SSL certificate has expired.

Bill Wimberley
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2018 Roofs

The major issues I initially had with roofs in 2018 has been taken care of. There are still some issues with rafters, particularly hips and valleys in some cases, but they are not major problems.
The SSL certificate for the site expired and I have ordered a new one. Just waiting for the web host to install it and then the problem with the site will clear up.

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Bill M
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Thanks for the info.  I guess

Thanks for the info.  I guess I may take a wait and see to how business goes before I decide to make a change.