Roof intersect solution, yours?

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Bill M
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Roof intersect solution, yours?
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I'm not currently drawing anything like this but this type of roof intersect seems common and I have wondered from a rendering standpoint how different folks would draw it. Seems a rendering in the Softview class I took years ago had one of these type of roof intersects but of course that's not what the class was covering specifically.  

If the masonry wall goes to the floor it will show if the garage interior is rendered but also I have had problems with walls connecting at corners in similar situations.  My thinking is a masonry wall offset above the partition wall below and made to join the roof at the bottom.  I know you run a risk of alignment problems with that solution.  Create a new wall definition?  I'm curious to hear other solutions.

Bill Wimberley
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Roof Intersect

Every situation is different. If that were a 2 story I would typically have the lower portion of the entry on the 1st floor and the upper portion on the upper floor. I would place a "flat" arch full height on the lower portion and a short round top arch in the upper portion. The result would look like what you have there.

In cases where that is not feasible due to other circumstances I might do the entire entry on the first floor and fill in the side with a solid cube or plane.

I don't typically do a lot of rendering work. I typically use 3D to check that everything is working correctly and to visualize the design as it progresses. My main concern is typically getting things close enough that when I generate the elevations I have a minimal of cleanup and editing. I don't have any clients that want to pay extra for the time it would take me to create perfect renderings. They just want construction drawings. If they want to see something in 3D then I decide if it is faster to get it close and clean it up in Photoshop or spend the extra time trying to get the rendering perfect out of SoftPlan.

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Bill what you are describing

Bill what you are describing with the two story is what I did on the house I had threads about when I first joined here.  I did exactly that except that I created a double sided masonry wall and it was added as part of the upper floor.   I used a round arch in that double sided wall.  

I was just curious how others would handle it.  I have always "manipulated" SP to get what I need and I have learned the same thing can be done in different ways with rendering.

Thanks for the input.

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Roof intersect

Not sure it that works for what your asking but what above if you draw a hidden wall on top of your lower wall. Then you can have different finishes but still align your framing.

Bill M
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So the masonry on the top

So the masonry on the top wall would be hidden in your floor plan? That is what I was describing but hadn't thought about making the upper wall hidden. I'll have to give that a try if I have one of these situations.  

Thanks for the input Yvon.