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Roof Peak
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2014 Plus

How do I fix the roof situation below ( for 3D purposes ) where one roof pitch is higher than the other, 

and waht I want is to have the lower pitched roof extend back and up creating a triangle shape to meet

the higher ridge ?

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Another Angle Of Roof Above

Another View


Bill Wimberley
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Drag the intersection where the higher roof intersects with the lower roof back to the back wall, or the front wall as the case may be. If you are asked if you want it to reference the wall select yes. Edit the edge and make it a Hip.

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No Luck ?

Bill I've tried dragging the lollipops and roof in several different ways but no luck.   I'm not sure if I am

misinterpreting your directions ?   I am attaching the Softplan file if you wouldn't mind having a look at

it, I'd appreciate it.



Binary Data existing_main_floor.spd106.95 KB
Bill Wimberley
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Here you go

Binary Data existing_main_floor.spd107.61 KB's picture
Thanks - Not Quite What I Was Looking For - See Below

Bill,thanks for the adjustement but it's not quite what I was looking to do.

I am attaching a 2D Right Side Elevation to show what I'm after.  I'm 

wondering if I need to add a beam at the ridge of the existing low roof 

to give the steeper roof a bearing point to reference ?


Binary Data elevation_right.spd95.39 KB
Bill Wimberley
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Just edit the roof edge and give it a 3.5 pitch and the same heel height or seat cut as the other roof.

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You can also use the

You can also use the duplicate tool to make it match the other roof plane and then you might want to use the hole tool to cut away the bits you do not want's picture

Bill thanks, resetting the pitch and heel height did the trick.  The reason I've discovered, that I couldn't make

it work before was I was trying to drag the hollow lollipop to the back bearing wall first and then set the orientation

to Hip and that would not work.  But as it turns out, I had to first set the orientation to Hip and then drag the lollipop

to the bearing wall and that was the ticket :-)


Chris, I haven''t used the Duplicate function as you suggest but I will give that a test run later tonight when I have a few

minutes to play around.  Thanks for the suggestion.