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Kimberly Rippentrop
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Roof Offset
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I have an A-Frame house with a loft. I've drawn the loft on it's own level and put it in the model so it shows as the second floor properly. I have a floor system on the loft. My problem is that when I add my roof on the Loft level, as I understand I should do as opposed to drawing the roof on the main floor, my roof is installing underground. Also, it's as though my garage and porch roofs are not able to properly associate with the first floor walls to sit properly. Everything is going underground.  

If I apply the roof to the main level instead of the loft level, I can't get my main level walls to "Fit to Roof" and I can't get my two loft windows up there. 

What step am I missing here?

Bill Wimberley
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Check two things:

1)Multi Floor Roof. Make sure you are using a Multi Floor Roof rather than an Overlay.

2)Roof attached to wall. Make sure that your roof is actually attached to the walls. I can't tell but it looks as though the little roof lollipops are hollow, which would indicate that they are not actually attached to the walls. Use Adjust to move them a little and make sure they are attached to the walls. If they are then they should appear as a filled color.

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