Roof - Generate Drawing Function/ Layers

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Roof - Generate Drawing Function/ Layers

I’m generating a roof plans for a two-storey building. What I’ve found is when generating a drawing for the second storey all External/internal walls are displayed as they should.


When generating a drawing for the lower floor the building outline i.e. internal and external walls are not showing??


Using the overlay function seems like a get-a-round but doesn't seem to use this function for what it was intended for.


Any help is appreciated.

P.S Has anyone found how to permanently alphabetically sort the layers list without using the existing sort function??


Many thanks.

Softplan2014 - AUS.

Bill Wimberley
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Generating Drawings

When generating a roof drawing from within Roof mode there is a setting in the Roof Options that controls whether or not the walls are included. Since this is a Drawing Option it is possible that you have the option on for the upper floor but off for the lower floor. Verify that the setting "Include Walls" is checked in the Generate Drawing section for the Roof Options. If you would like to always include walls in future drawings make the same change in the Roof Options within System Options.

For your Layers the best way to permanently sort them is to define the layers in the order that you want them to be. You can then select "Save to System" and the layers will be written to the System Options. That way any new drawings you create will have the layers defined and in the desired order. If you have drawings already created you can then set them to use this same layer set up by selecting Reset to System from within the drawing's Layer Setup.

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Thanks Bill,

Thanks Bill,


Your help is greatly appreciated.

Mike James
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