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Revision Drwgs
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2016 Plus

When doing several options for a floor plan layout, and you save the original as a Revision so you can go back to it if you wish I have two questions;


1) Softplan automatically saves the plan in a folder called Revision.  Can I change the name of  that folder without losing the connection to the version in the folder ?


2) If I already have one Revision saved and want to save a 2nd different one, since Softplan doesn't ask for a folder name does Softplan just try to replace the first

    Revision with the 2nd one ?  This is why I want to know if I can rename the Revision Folders to Revision A, Revision B etc.




Bill Wimberley
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1) There is no connection between a revision and the original project so changing the name of the folder will not break any non-existent connection.

2) SoftPlan saves revisions in a numbered sequence.


Project Name 1

Project Name 2

Project Name 3


If you rename your project revisions then the next time you save a revision the numbering cycle will start all over again.

Out of curiosity, what is the benefit of renaming your project revisions from Project 1, Project 2, etc. to Project A, Project B, etc.?

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Thanks for the feedback Bill.   I had not used the Save Project Revision command before.   So I decided to give it a whirl and saved the first 

layout option.   I was a little surprised that Softplan did not ask me for or show me a Folder Name during the saving process it just went ahead

and created a folder called Revision.  I had to go looking for it to be sure it had saved something.  Typically,  when saving stuff in Softplan i.e.

save a drawing called Main Floor and then make changes and do a "Save As"  rather than just an incremental "Save"  Softplan would ask me if

I wanted to replace the existing saved file ?  Since I had not used the Save Project Revision before and it automatically created the "Revision"

file I wondered if it would automatically create another "Revision" file and ask me if I wanted to replace the existing one similar to above ?   See,

I did not know that Softplan would automatically number the Revisions in a sequence. So I was just asking a theorectical question ahead of time,

before and in case I lost anything.  It makes total sense that it works the way it does, but like anything in life when you don't know for sure you

tend to be careful.   Anyway you're absolutely right there is no reason to rename from 1,2 to A,B.    


Thanks Again Bill !

Bill Wimberley
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Ah...I see. smiley It appeared to me from your question that you simply did not like the folder names that SoftPlan assigned so you wanted to change them.