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Reversing drawings
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An issue that I've had for years with Softplan is reversing drawings. Two primary issues are;

1- It screws up the orientation of some of my notes. This is specially true with speed notes and the attributes when you have part of the note that's fix and part that are attached to attributes. When reversed, the alignment is off and you have to edit to reverse the applicable notes. Same thing when you create a 2 part note symbol which consists for example a joist description with an arrow underline and the spacing underneath with no underline.

2- Combined openings; When you reverse a plan, single doors will reverse but doors that are part of a combined unit will not reverse causing that you have to create 2 symbols for the same combined unit and remember to change it on the plans.

Anyway around these items?


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Reversing notes and tech support

Included is an example of what happens to my notes. Top row as drawn and bottow row after reversing. The answer from tech support "Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This has been passed on to Development in your behalf." which is basically the same answer I received in previous versions.

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Bill Wimberley
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Reversing notes

To prevent the reverse text problem make your multiple line notes as a single note, not notes stacked on top of each other.

The underline is a little tricky since you have the underline under the top text but not the bottom text. This will be a 2 stage process.

First create the underline text as a multiple line note. Check Underline and give it the double arrow linestyle. Use lines to trace over the arrow under the top text. Move this line arrow down away from the note and make it into a symbol, unchecking "Allow Reverse" during the symbol creation process.

Next move the symbol arrow back into the text, covering the text underline exactly. Edit the text and turn off Underline. Create another symbol that contains the line arrow symbol and the text, again unchecking "Allow Reverse".

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