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Resetting to system options
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Anybody else that as an issue when in the Drawing Options and making a reset to System Options, Drawing Options go back to original settings?


I use to dimension my openings on the floor plans in feet and inches but have switched to inches only (modified System Options accordingly). When I’m in a plan, I do in the Drawing Options a reset to System Options in Dimensions/Extension Options-Openings Options and it modifies the settings in inches as per the System Options but after I click OK, it goes back to the old settings.

Bill Wimberley
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I have noticed the same thing. There appears to be a little refresh bug. You will need to select Reset to System and then just click on the Window Dimension Format and Door Dimension Format settings and select them again manually (click on the button and then the already selected format) then they should stick.

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I had a similar issue with

I had a similar issue with lumber tables.  I would delete all the tables I will never use and work all day, and after closing and reopening the tables would be right there again.  Tech support said to uncheck the automatic check for updates on the system options list.  Softplan was looking for missing or out of place items and filling them back in.  May be the same link???