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SoftPlan Version:
2016 Plus

Seems with the increased rendering capabilities of Softplan and other programs in the last few years that more and more

time is being spent on developing and showing 3D Renderings ( most in colour ) to our clients.  I know personally I spend 

much more time at the front end fussing with the Renderings to show my clients during the preliminary stages of a project.

And, I'm increasingly including at least some level of rendered drawing within the actual Construction Document set.  My

question for everyone;  is this the typical experience amongst most users and are you actually able to charge any extra

dollars as a result of the additional time investment required to supply 3D renderings, or has this just become the defacto

new normal ?


Bryan in Bend
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3d and marketing

Hi Jim: As a designer/builder I do not do work for hire, however as a builder, we are starting to use 3d images on prints and more importantly for us, as a tool for building order sales.  My thoughts are if you can get builders to start thinking more like how can 3d videos etc help me sell more product, you will break through the standard cost per foot pricing, and start getting a piece of the sales and marketing budget.