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Rendering PC Hardware Suggestions
SoftPlan Version:

My company just upgraded to 2014 from V13. They want to start doing renderings now for all our homes going forward.

The PC I am working off of is about 6 years old single core CPU, 1 GB RAM, with an on motherboard video card.

This PC seem to do OK working on 2D stuff in V13, but now it STRUGGLES with all rendering operations. It also 

seems sluggish at doing any type of basic drawing in 2014.


My company has to get me something I can work off of ASAP!

Can someone give me some hardware advice on what to buy to make 2014 perform at its best?

I will build this PC, parts budget will be 700 to 800 dollars. (already have case)


Thanks for any help,


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You will not get anywhere

You will not get anywhere close to best performance on that budget but any computer with a dedicated video card in that price range should do well enough.

Bill Wimberley
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SoftPlan's BARE MINIMUM configuration is listed at

But the minimum computer will provide minimum responsiveness. If you are going to be doing a lot of rendering you should get a much more robust machine. For any of the 3D modes you will need a video card that supports DirectX 11. Also the faster the video card and the more video memory on the card the better. And the more memory on the system the better as well. I have 12 GB and that works well for me. You would be much better off spending a little more to get a better machine. Having to wait for your computer to catch up with you costs you more in productivity than what you will be saving by going with a bargain basement machine. Bottom line, spend a little more on your equipment and make more money from increased productivity.

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You can do pretty good

You can do pretty good rendering in hardware so with a minimal system you might avoid software renders.

My system is an i3 8gb ram and a good but older video card -radeon 5870

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They are correct, it will be

They are correct, it will be hard to get a good rendering workstation for 7 to 8 hundred.
Minimum would be 8gb ram

Intel I5 or better

A 2gb nvidia 650 or better

A 500w power supply or higher

A SSD drive would also be very helpful


Keep in mind this is minimum, for what your wanting to do takes a pretty strong PC.