Removal of Gable Rake

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Removal of Gable Rake
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I tried posting this on the SP forum without seeing any help. Hope things go better here.


1) When there is no overhang, or very little, at the end of a gable, is there a way to remove the rake board or change it so that I can show a aluminum wrapped 2x4 rake?

2) Is there a way to have the end return extend in to cover the corner trim like 2A in the image?


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Bill Wimberley
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It is always best to set up your Roof Options for a plan before drawing the roof. If you want 2x4 fascias just set the Fascia Height to 3 1/2". If you have already drawn the roof and you want to change to 3 1/2" fascia then you will need to edit each roof edge and change the fascia height. Be aware that changing the fascia height will cause the roof to drop down because the soffit elevation will remain constant. So be sure to edit either the "Top to Fascia" setting or the Seat Cut in order to maintain the correct elevation for the roof.

The problem you are having with 2 and 2A appears to be that you have the gable overhang too shallow. The overhang needs to be at least the sum of the siding thickness plus the corner board thickness. If your overhang is less than that then the corner board will be further out than your fascia.

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That's part of my issue Bill.

That's part of my issue Bill. I want to keep my Fascias height at 6" I only want the gable end rake trim to be 2x4. That is why I was hoping i could the gable rake trim off somehow so I could add a 3 1/2" solid in it's place.

The problem with 2 &2A....... I understand that the gable is too shallow but even if it were 12" out it would not extend back into the wall far enough to cover the top of the trim. Please see image for what I am looking for.


Thanks for your help.

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Varying fascias

To your 1rst question, there is a way around but gets a little touchy and some parameters must be set before you draw your roof;

1- In your roof option, set your fascia as if it's a 2" x 4"

2- Draw your roof

3- Edit your gable end and in the Soffit/Fascia tab, uncheck the Fascia. Then, in the roof Edge Tab, check gable Frieze and set the height to 3 1/2" and the thickness to the width of your overhang.

4- Edit your hip ends and modify your Fascia Depth to 6" (or 5 1/2")

5- Surface/Copy Paste your Fascia to your Frieze


Now, the only thing is that your Frieze might appear thru your roof in 3D on and off (ghosting) as you zoom in and out but maybe because you would have a shallow overhang, it might not appear as much. If you set your roof option fascia to be a 2" x 6" from the start (avoiding step #!), you can than edit as per step #3 except that you'll be left with a gap because your siding will go up in the gable as if you fascia was a 2" x 6".