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Remote AccessTo Cloud
SoftPlan Version:
2014 Plus

When connecting to the Cloud ( 2014 + subscription ) from a remote laptop should you have

the same file structure ( folder ) on your laptop as you do on your desktop so that the file

you wish to work on ( i.e download from the cloud ) will be pulled down and will re-upload

correctly ?  Or does the download and upload from cloud work correctly regardless of the

file structure on the laptop ?




Bill Wimberley
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It really depends on how you do things. If you have your borders placed in C:\SoftPlan2014\Title Block on both computers and you use a common title block for your projects then it doesn't matter. If you copy a border to each project and then modify it for each individual project then the file structures need to be the same. This really only applies to Plan Sets since Plan Sets use Absolute addressing for borders. In other words, a Plan Set looks for the border to be in the same exact location on both computers, regardless of where the project is actually located.

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