ROOF: Full Rear Dormer on Cape Style Home

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ROOF: Full Rear Dormer on Cape Style Home
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I am having trouble drawing a roof with a full rear dormer on a cape style home.  I draw the 2nd floor plan using "plates" in the front and rear.  The roof references the plates which is fine and the roof pitch is 12/12 to allow for 2nd floor rooms.  In the the front I am placing 2 dogshed dormers which is all good.  My issue is with the rear full dormer.  From the rear, the home looks like a full 2-story home -- 8' wall in the rear.  I just can't get the roof to look right to accomodate the rear full dormer.  When I move the reference point to the rear wall (I have a rear wall AND a plate together) the center of the roof shifts off center.  I need to have the center of the roof in the CENTER with a rear full dormer and the front of the roof will slope down to meet the 1 1/2" high plate.

Can someone help me?

Bill Wimberley
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Hello Sheri. Welcome to aboard. In a case like this, especially when dealing with complicated roof matters, it would be very helpful if you would attach your drawing files to the Forum. That way someone could examine the plan and see exactly what is going on. If not the plan then at least images of what is happening. There aren't that many people still using version 12 so it isn't likely that someone would be able to make changes that you could use but at least someone could provide a description or images of the procedure to fix your problem.

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