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Projects Listing

When you first open up Softplan 2016 and it opens up to the Home Page there is a listing of recent 

Softplan Projects on the left side of the page ( about 75 or so ).  Is there a way to purge that listing,

or pare it down to a lesser number.   Somehow it's showing very old projects on my listing except 

for the top one which is the most current.   



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Right click over the project and choose "Remove from recently opened list"


Bill Wimberley
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Recent Projects

As Phil stated you can manually remove project names from the list. But there appears to be some underlying problem with your system that needs to be looked into.

On my system the Recent Projects list includes 13 projects, 10 of which are not shared on the cloud and 3 are shared.

Looking through the files in the SoftPlan folder there does not appear to be any file that is storing this list so I suspect it is being stored in the Windows Registry.

I would suggest removing ALL of the files in the list and see if it starts automatically paring down the list going forward.

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