Printing Support Ticket Replies

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Printing Support Ticket Replies
SoftPlan Version:
2014 Plus

Is there some way to print the replies you get from a Support Ticket ?   The reply windows only shows

about five lines of text and I can find no way to print or copy and paste from that window other than

to do a screen capture of five lines at a time ???   Anyone know how to print these responses ?



Bill Wimberley
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Support ticket

Go to Help and select SoftPlan+ Support. The tickets are numbered on the left. Click on the number and a window will open up that you can select the text and copy and paste.

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Ahh, that works !

Thanks Bill, that works !   Although I am not sure why they provided such a small scrollable window on the Home Page for their answers, and not sure

why we shouldn't be able to see and print directly from there.  It should be a pop up full size window instead of having to "go under the hood" to

print or see the whole thing at once.

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I use ALT-PRINT SCREEN then paste temporarily in a new email or word document so I can perform the action they suggested in the ticket.  Once complete I close the temporary pasted message.

It would be nice to slide the ticket to the side then perform their fix at the same time as reading the fix.