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Printer Issues
SoftPlan Version:
2016 Plus

This is not Softplan per se, but i thought I would post it here just in case someone can help.

On the project I am working on my Company Logo on my Title Block page won't print for some

reason.  It's a jpeg.   It shows up on the screen but won't print.   There is also another jpeg I

have imported on another page that also won't print.  Yet other jpeg content in the assembled

Title Block ( i.e. renderings ) will print ?    I have tried replacing the logo, copying the Title Block

page c/w logo onto another blank drawing page, using a new Title Block etc.   Yet none of this

seems to help.   I can open an older file with it's Title Block page and it will print fine including

the logo.   I'm stumped, any ideas ?


Bill Wimberley
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I've never seen that happen, but then I rarely try to print images.

How are you getting your images into SoftPlan. File⇒Import⇒Image or Edit⇒Paste from Windows Clipboard? And if using Paste from Windows Clipboard are you pasting as an Image or Metafile Image?

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Bill Wimberley
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Plan Set or Multi-drawing

Also, are you using Plan Sets or Multi-Drawings. And what are the specifications for the images you are using? 8, 16, 32 bit? Grayscale, RGB Color, CYMK Color, etc.'s picture
Printer Issues

Hi Bill, I am using Plan Sets and I use Import >Image to get the jpegs in and saving as an image.    I'm not sure off the top of the bits and color configs. ?

What I have done for now is Export To PDF then print from there and that is working OK.    I'm thinking there is just some oddball situation with the Plan

Set setup in this particular project ?    I will monitor to see if I have the same issue on my next project ?   MInd you since I just download 2016+ I might

be starting my next project using it :-)



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Might want to verify that

Might want to verify that your printer driver is up to date. It might not be fully compatible anymore also with the new Softplan version.

Bill Wimberley
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That's just weird. The images will export to PDF and you can print the PDF but if you try to print directly from SoftPlan the images do not appear. I don't have a clue on that one other than as Yvon suggested perhaps a printer driver issue. It's been years since I have actually printed anything on paper. I do everything with PDF via email or a shared folder on OneNote.