Print to PDF vs reView PDF

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Bill Wimberley
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Print to PDF vs reView PDF
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2014 Plus

I have noticed a difference between printing to PDF vs using reView Export Portable Document Format (PDF). Both images below were created by placing a floor plan into a Plan Set page and switching it to Roof Mode. On screen in SoftPlan the roof is shaded.

The first image below was created by Printing to Adobe Acrobat. Notice the shading of the roof and the openings.

The second image is created by using reView PDF. The output is much cleaner with no shading of the roof or openings.

I'm just pointing this out because if you want to print items such as a roof or joist layout without having to save it to a new drawing you can do so cleanly by using the reView PDF and then printing from the PDF. reView can be purchased separately or it comes as part if your subscription if you have SoftPlan+. Another good reason to opt for SoftPlan+ when considering upgrading.


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