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Posts not showing up...
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2016 Plus

I'm having trouble with some of my porch posts and with stair railing. Certain posts won't show up in 3-d or 2-d evaluation view. That's a new problem i've been having since we upgrade to 2016. My other problem has been happening since i starting using SoftPlan last October. When i draw stair railing the only thing to show up in 3-d is the top and bottom rails. Nothing else is visible. If i change my spindles to chamfer they show up but my posts still don't. I was wondering if anybody could help me with this problem or point me to the correct place to look.



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Visible items

I guess the 1rst thing to verify is that the steps and railings are not interior but exterior (deck railings) for the railings. Interior don't show up on the 3D or elevations. For the post, verify that "Extract in model" is checked (I'm not on 2016 yet but imagine it's the same). The last thing to verify is that the visibility of the items is checked.

Bill Wimberley
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There are a number of things that would cause things to not show in 3D. Check the areas described below. If that doesn't solve the problem you can submit a support request to Tech through the Help system in SoftPlan and they can pinpoint the problem.

For a railing to show in Elevation the railing needs to be set as a "Deck Railing"

For anything to show in 3D it must be set to "Extract in Model".

The material assigned to the various components must be turned on.




The Opacity for the material should be set at 100% and Display turned on.


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Bill, on a side topic, what are you using to place the hi-lites on your screen captures i.e. the red rectangles, circles. ovals etc. ?



Bill Wimberley
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I use Greenshot for my screen captures.