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Plan Sets 2014 Title Block Info
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2014 Plus

Please see attached which has my questions about filling in Title Block info in Plansets

Thanks JimC


Bill Wimberley
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Title block info

Jim, the image you provided is too small for me to easily read the text but I think I can figure out what you are asking.

You can place information stamps on your title block that will pull in information from your Project. The Project Information dialog allows you to enter information such as the address and information about the client. This information can then be inserted onto your title block automatically if you have the appropriate information stamps on your title block. My only problem with this is that there are not enough fields or information stamps to fill in all of the information I require. For instance there is no place to fill in for the Subdivision, Lot, and Block. As a result I can use the information stamps to fill in some items but not all. So instead of using a System title block I copy my title block to each project and fill in the extra information I need that is specific to that project.

You can add your title block by defining the border for the plan set and then browsing to your current project and selecting your title block. If you define the title block for the plan set then it will automatically be included on each page. Alternately you can just drag the title block onto the page just like you would any other drawing.

Hopefully I answered all your questions but since I could not read what you were saying in your image please feel free to ask more specific questions.

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Thanks Bill , when I tried to upsize the image it just went blurry.   Anyway after I posted I re-read some of the previous posts on Plansets.


It almost seems like a cross between Multi's & Plansets is whats in order.  I am fooling around with setting up the Title Block within the project

but still bringing it into the Planset through the Add Title Block and not by dragging and dropping it. 


I tried to fill in the "PROJECT" info on my Title Block which is the Project Description, Location & Client Name but the information stamps only

seem to allow for one line of text for each stamp.  So I can't really add that info with stamps.   I can't add the Drawing Info i.e. "Main Floor Plan"

because when I use a stamp for that it shows the current drawing or the Name of the Title Block drawing itself.    The Scale stamp shows as

"As Noted" it does not actually show 1/4" =- 1'- 0" or similar.  The date stamp works well, the Softplan Version stamp is good but the Page ID

only showed as 1 not A1 ?    So is there a way to edit the information each of those stamps adds ?   You were mentioning in an earlier post about

setting up the Plansets with A,B,C letters or similar I am assuming so that the PG ID numbering gets input how you like it.  Can you provide some

further explanation on what this is for and how you do it ?




Bill Wimberley
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Plan Sets

For the Drawing Info i.e. "Main Floor Plan" use the information stamp @plan_set_page_title. Find the name of the page under Plan Sets and right click the name and select Rename. Whatever name you give the page will show up where the @plan_set_page_title stamp is.

If you include the @scale stamp in the title block and the title block is inserted as a border then the @scale will display as "As Noted". This is because the title block has no scale. It is simply a title block. For @scale to work you have to place it on a drawing that you are including on the page. Then @scale will pick up on the scale of the inserted drawing. You can include @scale on each drawing you insert onto the page and each drawing will display what scale that drawing is set to. Be careful though. If you include the @scale on your title block and include the title block as a drawing rather than a border then @scale will display the scale of the title block, which is not necessarily the scale of any of the drawings on the page.

@PLAN_SET_PAGE_NUMBER will display the current page number. If you want to show something such as A1, A2, C1, C2, etc. you will need to group the pages together and give the group a name such as A, C, etc. Right click on the name of the plan set and select Add Group. Give the group a name such as A, C, etc. Repeat for each group you want to add. Then drag the pages into the appropriate groups. Note that the page has to be closed in order to move it into a group.