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Plan Sets 2014
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2014 Plus

A couple of questions about Plan Sets, I just started to look at them this morning;

1) Is it best to create a blank page as the base for the Plan Set and then add in the Title Block and other drwgs as required, or is it best to just use a Title Block as the base ?  Is the automatic Page Numbering affected by this ?


2) When I bring in a System Drwg Title Block text comes in correctly sized but when I try to use my own Title Block the text comes in gigantic and some

of the lines of the Title Block are off as well.  However if I look at my Title Block outside of the Plan Set all is fine ????


I couldn't figure out how to adjust the size of the text within the Plan set to scale correctly.  The Autoscale in the Edit Menu of the Plan Set seems to be a Pen Width thing not a Text Size thing.


Any ideas ?




Bill Wimberley
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Plan Sets

Jim, check this out for an introduction to how to use Plan Sets.  SoftPlan 2014: Major New Features Plan sets are different than Multi-Drawings so you have to approach them in a different way. No need to create a base page. You create Pages as part of the Plan Sets.

There is currently a bug in 2014 that makes the text gigantic in Plan Sets if you have Auto Scale checked for Multi-Drawings. Try going to each drawing that you have in your plan sets and in Drawing Options-->Character Setup uncheck Auto Scale under Multi-Drawings.

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