Plan Position Of Railings

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Plan Position Of Railings

Does anyone know if there is a way to reset the default "Plan Position" for railings ?


When looking at the railing menu in the System or Drawing Library in the lower right corner there is a box that says Plan Position and it says 0'0.000".  However, once you install a railing and edit it it then says 1.75" which makes the outer post face ( i.e. a 4 x 4 ) flush with the outside of the facer or rim board. 

This does not really reflect where a post would normally sit !  Normally the post would butt to the inner face of the facer/rim board.  This means the most often used setting for the "Plan Position" should be 3.25" which is made up of the 1-1/2" thickness of the facer board and half the thickness of the 4 x 4 post ( 1-3/4" ).  Therefore 1-1/2" + 1-3/4" = 3.25" which in my view should be the default Plan Position but it's not !


I routinely reset the Plan Position to be 3.25" after I have installed the railing.  However it would be nice if I could set this as the default instead of the 1.75" default so thats how it installs in the first place. Problem is when setting up a railing in System or Drawing Library's the Plan Location box will not let me input any measurement at all ???  In fact it does not even show the 1.75" default measure.  I only find out it defaults to that after I install the railing and then edit it .  


Anyone know how to change the default ?




Bill Wimberley
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Plan Position Of Railings

Nope, there is no default setting for railing position. Posts are automatically set to be at the outer edge of the deck, which is actually the way I have always built them. If you want the posts in a different position you have to edit the plan position either on the railing or on the deck after you place the railing.

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Plan Position

Thanks Bill, I wonder why Softplan would have provided and shown an information box

for the Plan Position yet only allow you to change settings after the object is drawn ?  

I guess ours is not to wonder why ......... ;-)