Percentage of Drawing Time

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Percentage of Drawing Time
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I have a Designer Friend who would like to do the initial design and 3D work but then have

someone ( possibly me ) take over with the boring stuff i.e. working up the construction

drawings i.e generating the plan views, elevations and sections with notes, dimensions and



I'm curious how others feel the time splits out  ( as a percentage ) for the design part vs the

construction drawings part ?

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percentage of time

I'd say keep it simple...50/50

dimensions are easy and you can auto dimension so that wouldn't take to much time. If you have built a library of speed notes that's a breeze, too. Most everything else is common and you can pull details and such from previous projects. Your friend gets to make the pretty picture and color with in the lines..LOL...50/50 sounds quite reasonable.


Kevin Catanzaro / Ace Design LLC