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Matthew Perry
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Patio / Columns

Hi again everybody,


This time I'm trying to figure out how best to include a flagstone patio in my drawing.

It's going in front of the house (instead of a wood porch). 

So......... you would open the front door and step out onto pavers instead of wood decking.

Structural decorative columns would come up from the pavers/slab to support a shed roof

Which leads me to a 2nd question....I see only choices of structural or decorative columns, not both.

Mine are 12" dia. "Tuscan" fiberglass columns with a 6" x 6" structural wood core.

Would I just include a "decorative" column and then note on the drawing it also has a structural core?

Or, is there a way to include both?

Any help on either problem (pavers and/or columns) greatly appreciated.





Bill Wimberley
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Patio / Columns

For the patio you could use a cube if it is rectangular. Or you could use a Solid Polygon. In site mode there are a variety of options including Patio under Site Work.

For the columns it doesn't matter whether you select Structural or Decorative. As far as SoftPlan is concerned the only difference is how the column looks. They are just broken out into Structural and Decorative because the structural ones are just plain round or square columns and the decorative ones are, well, decorative as well as structural.

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When I do a column like that

When I do a column like that I use a structural one with footing and then put a decorative on top of it...just like I would build it.   On the elevation it will show the decorative column above grade and then the 4 X 4 and footing below it.