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Matthew Perry
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Partition wall
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When you draw a partition wall can it start out at a certain height (8,9,or 10')  and then end up at 4' or some other height (i.e. angled down  across the top).

Or is there a way to modify an existing partition wall so across the top if is angled (has different height dimensions).



Bill Wimberley
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Multi-Height Walls

Depends on what you are trying to do. You can edit the wall and on the Wall tab check Rake Top. When you do that then the Wall Height Field changes to Multi-Height. Click on Multi-Height and you can edit the height of each end individually.

You can also select Fit Top to Roof, Fit Top to Ceiling, or Fit to Stair if either of those situations are what you are trying to achieve.

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Matthew Perry
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Rake Top worked....Thanks

Rake Top worked....Thanks again Bill!