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Ray K
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I am new to both the forum and Softplan. An Autodesk user for 25 years (please don't shootsmiley)...

I did research the forum for an answer to a question I have regarding scaling drawings on a sheet on a sheet and while I found some useful info, I

am still a bit confused..




  1. I am using a plan set.
  2. I have 2 views on a single sheet at different scales (1/4" and 3/16")

The issue I am having is that after I change from 1/4" scale  to 3/16" on one of the views, the text and dimensions inside the view are also changed. As i understand it, I believe if i set the "autoscale notes" setting to ON by editing the view, I can get the notes and dimension text to be the same as the settings for the "Plan Set sizes, but not dimension line spacing etc.)


The core issue is:

How do i get the different views to have the same dimension settings, such as arrow size, dimension line spacing etc.?

(I guess Im so used to the Autodesk way, i didn't have to think about it, but I would appreciate any help so I can adjust my thinking to the SP way.)



Ray K



Bill Wimberley
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Personally I don't care for the auto scaling. Nothing ever looks right. When I have detail drawings I want to show at a different scale I just adjust the settings in the detail drawing. For instance my standard text sizes are 6", 7", 9", and 11" Arial fonts. These are the font sizes I use for 1/8" scale drawings. But my cabinet plans are 1/4" scale so for that drawing the font sizes are set to 3", 3.5", 4.5", and 5.5". I also reduce the Arrow Options to 1/2 the standard size.

I have actually created a series of macros just for the purpose of setting up a drawing with the changes for each scale that I will be displaying the drawing. So if I have a drawing that I want to display at 1/4" and I want all the fonts, arrows, etc. to match the 1/8" drawings I just run the 1/4" macro and it goes through and makes all the setting changes for me.

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I wasn't aware that SoftPlan had the ability to record macros. Where is that functionality located in the program?




Bill Wimberley
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SoftPlan doesn't have built-in macros. I use a program called Hot Keyboard to record and play back macros. Sorry for the confusion.