Outdoor kitchen questions

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Outdoor kitchen questions
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I had created a free standing masonry wall that I used for this outdoor kitchen.  I then placed a solid polygon on top for a countertop.  One of my problems is I can't figure out how to put a hole where the sink is and I have a feeling this should be a simple process.  Also, I would have used cabinets in place of the free standing stone but didn't think I could change the surface other than color.  Possibly I could have put cabinets inside the masonry and created the countertop in that manner.  Thoughts?


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You can create a countertop to sit on your walls (without drawing cabinets) by choosing "countertop" from the cabinet drop down menu.  You will be able to edit the individual edges as needed.

Jim J

Bill M
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Jim thank you, I was unaware

Jim thank you, I was unaware of that.