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Order Of Railings
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Just curious of the order in which others draw deck railings.  Specifically do you draw the deck railing first and then the

stair railings, or the stairs first then the deck railngs ?   


Anyone found one way works more consistently than the other in terms of the railings snapping together properly ?   

I often find I have to fuss with stair railings after the fact.  I do tend to do the deck first then the stairs but not sure if

I change the order if I'd get better results better results ?




Bill M
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I have not used railings much

I have not used railings much until the last three months or so but my experience is the same as yours.  Not so much with interior stairs.  I have drawn stairs from a porch and do this first to get the correct height.  I then add railings.  I have to adjust or move the stair railings to have them match up with the heights on the porch railing.  I have had the porch railings at corners snap to other even though I have a post on the corner that I draw the railing to.  

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I've had good luck using the

I've had good luck using the "Auto Railing" feature for decks. It put the railings on the deck and stairs at the same time. The only time I've had trouble is when I insert a midspan post on the stair rail. Sometimes causes the top of the stair rail to go crooked.