Order Of Lines - Form Solid Polygon

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Order Of Lines - Form Solid Polygon
SoftPlan Version:
2016 Plus

When I'm making a Decorative Timber Truss symbol for use in the Gable End of a roof I find

I'm not sure what's the best way to breakup of the linework so that I can Form Solid Polygons

and slide them back together to make the larger whole piece.  Sometimes where  two lines

from pieces that are slid back together and overlap each other seem to make the symbol not

clean looking.   I'm thinking I might not be fashioning these in the simplest way ?  

Any Advice ?

Bill Wimberley
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Have you tried using an actual truss rather than creating a symbol? Also, I find that in most cases I get best results for custom 3D symbols using Sketchup, particularly if you are using later versions of SoftPlan which support Sketchup models.

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Bill M
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Jim  I know Bill's current

Jim  I know Bill's current advise is based on the v2016 and the use of Sketchup but here is a thread where he instructed on drawing a truss as a symbol. I've created several.