Opening trim placement

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Kelly Strickland
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Opening trim placement
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2014 Plus

Surprisingly I was unable to locate other posts relating to what I see as incorrect placement of both interior and exterior trim. Does anyone else have a problem with improper reveals and placement of brick mould? Sill overhang dimensions apply to windows and doors rather than an individual opening which is annoying. I have tried adjusting all opening dimensions. The only way that I can get the standard 1/8" to 1/4" max reveal is to set the frame thickness to 1/8". To get the brick mould to show properly the frame thickness needs to be about 2" which throws the interior trim placement. Thanks

Bill Wimberley
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Trim placement

I agree with you that SoftPlan places the trim incorrectly. It places it on the outside of the frame rather than on the frame. I have brought this up a few times to SoftPlan but so far it has never been changed. I guess it is one of those things that if nobody asks for it to be changed nothing happens. The little things like that get overlooked in favor of issues that are most important to most people. In the game of software development and sales they have to look at the big picture which is "what will make someone choose our product over the competition?" I don't think there are many who would choose another product because they don't like the way SoftPlan places it's door casings.

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Kelly Strickland
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Bill, as always thanks for

Bill, as always thanks for your help. My biggest complaint about SP (and most construction management software) is the one size fits all approach. The devil is in the details. The limitations that should be easily fixable (such as the trim placement) and endless workarounds are aggravating sometimes.

Michael Stayman
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trim placement and frame placement for openings

I agree with you both.  Softplan's placement of trim has been a small frustration for me, as well.  Openings in general is something that Softplan needs to refine.  I'm frustrated by how Softplan sets the frame for a window in and the frame for a door out.  Softplan developers need to take a look at the industry standard for doors and windows and get a correct understanding of the definitions of unit dimension and rough opening dimension.  Since most doors in the industry are prehung, the unit dimension should be to the outside perimeter of the frame (frame set in from the unit dimension, not out) just like a window's unit dimension is to the outside of the frame.  Or if what I said about doors being prehung is not standard elsewhere, give the user an option to set the unit dimension defined as the dimension of the door slab or as the dimension to the outside of the frame.  A little more precision here would be appreciated since it translates into call-outs for doors and the framing around those doors.  Softplan does tout itself as "draw it like you build it".

I guess if this matters to us, we need to keep dropping them a line in their suggestion box.

Softplan's still a great product and I appreciate the team at Softplan for all they do.