Opening Emailed Softplan Files

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Opening Emailed Softplan Files

Had a fellow Designer send me some SP Details via email.   When I try to open them with Softplan ( 2012 or 2014 ) I get a message stating Symbol Files Cannot Be Opened By Softplan, If I just click on the Symbol Icon that I downloaded to my Desktop it opens Softplan 2012 but nothing loads ?   Any idea how I can open these Details ?





Bill Wimberley
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Symbol Files

Sounds like you are trying to open a symbol as if it were a drawing file. You can't open symbol files. You can only insert them into a drawing.

Try browsing to C:\SoftPlan2014\Symbols. Create a new folder and call it something like Custom. Then move your symbol file into the Custom folder. Then open a drawing and insert the symbol as normal.

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