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Bill M
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Offset tool ?
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2014 Plus

The offset tool is invaluable in drawing site plans.  I am attempting to draw a site plan and using offsets to accurately draw set back lines and this one happens to curve.  It will not offset to the inside like I'm trying to do but instead goes to the outside.  All of the others offset inside.  I've never had this happen on other curved property lines.  I'm attaching the file if someone wouldn't mind looking and attempt to offset the large sweeping property line to the inside.  If you are successful, please let me know what I'm doing wrong.  Thanks.

Binary Data gidley_site_plan.spd83.68 KB
Bill Wimberley
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Offsetting curved site lines

Bill, I have that happen all the time. There appears to be a bug in how SoftPlan offsets certain curved site lines. To offset a curved site line when this happens you have to select the opposite direction from which you want the offset. So for instance if you want to offset down you would click above the curve and if you want to offset up you would select below the curve.

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Bill M
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Thank you Bill. That is

Thank you Bill. That is exactly what it did.  I would have never tried that.